Here’s how Visualbots helped KitchenAdvisor shorten their team’s lead collection time and reduced their cost per lead by 40% compared to Google Adwords campaigns!


Here’s how Visualbots helped KitchenAdvisor shorten their team’s lead collection time and reduced their cost per lead by 40% compared to Google Adwords campaigns!

Results recap

Since using Visualbots, Kitchenadvisor:
  • Has been able to cut CPL by 77%
  • Has been able to acquire leads 40% cheaper than on Google Adwords
  • Regards Facebook as an effective lead generation marketing channel


Industry: KitchenAdvisor is a kitchen comparison platform, co-founded by Richard Ruben and is based in Hamburg, Germany.

Their philosophy is such: People only buy a kitchen on average every 14 years, so at KitchenAdvisor, kitchens are their passion and they take every step of the kitchen purchase processes with their clients. They do so by offering a variety of quotes for kitchens for free.

We at Visualbots were all in for supporting their philosophy and passion!

KitchenAdvisor’s target audience is anyone who is planning to:

  1. Exchange their kitchen
  2. Extend their kitchen
  3. Build a new kitchen

KitchenAdvisor has a long term product and hence a long sales cycle. The graphic below is taken from KitchenAdvisor’s website and explains the sales cycle users encounter on their journey through the kitchen buying funnel.


KitchenAdvisor uses  a style quiz to qualify users by asking a series of 15 questions.  Questions such as: “Why do you need a kitchen?”, “In which phase of the move are you?”,  “Which shape would you like your kitchen to kitchen have?”, and “When do you want to buy your kitchen?” help to qualify each lead more thoroughly before a phone call by a sales agent is carried out.   
Since KitchenAdvisor has a long term product (kitchen consultation), they wanted to begin optimising from the beginning of their funnel which is the ‘style quiz’.
Before working with Visualbots their marketing budget distribution was as follows:
KitchenAdvisor was interested in seeking alternative solutions to boost their lead generation through channels other than Google Adwords.  As they already had prior experience setting up Facebook ads (thus understanding what audiences to target and what ad content was particularly effective for their audiences), using click-to-messenger ads that would send traffic and trigger a messenger bot to collect and qualify leads was a reasonable next step.
Another factor why KitchenAdvisor began searching for alternative solutions to the qualifying questions on their landing page was due to leads often being incomplete or unqualified. Frequently, customers did not complete all the questions asked inside the style quiz, meaning only partial data was gathered on each lead.  Richard pointed out, “Leads through affiliate partners will have just an email address and would be difficult to contact for the sales team”.

In addition to searching for alternative lead generation solutions, KitchenAdvisor was also looking to boost the speed of lead acquisition. Thus, they wanted to on-board customers faster and drive sales more efficiently. Again, using Messenger bots seemed a reasonable way to do this.


To fairly evaluate the effectiveness of the Messenger Bot, the lead qualifying questions found in the style quiz were transferred into a more personalised and engaging format directly inside the bot. In a matter of minutes, KitchenAdvisor’s bot was setup and ready to qualify leads on scale on Messenger using Visualbots.
In the above graphic on the left is a good example of how questions were originally asked in the style quiz on KitchenAdvisor’s landing page.  The graphic on the right side presents how the exact same question looked after we transformed it onto Messenger as an automated message.
Richard quickly observed, “The process from a click-to-Messenger ad to a bot is smoother compared to user clicking on a Facebook ad and going through an entire lead funnel on Facebook’s Native Browser”.
The consumer experience becomes very streamlined and natural as users do not have to leave their platform of choice, in this case Facebook.
Since the lead collection is now taking place in a more personalised and  conversational format, the leads can be collected at a higher rate.

Richard also noted that users view companies that engage in modern technologies such as bots as “a good sign”, thus reflecting positively on KitchenAdvisor as a whole.


Within just a few days of running the campaigns, KitchenAdvisor started seeing favourable results and it was clear the bot was performing better than all of KitchenAdvisor’s display ads, newsletter targeting and regular ads campaigns on Facebook.
On the fourth day of running their Messenger campaign, Richard’s team was able to boost the number of qualified leads acquired by 4x with no changes in budget! This in turn led to a massive decrease in cost per lead by 77%.
Richard noted, “There was a substantial decrease in the bounce rate after the first 2 questions of the bot”. As a consequence, “The leads were highly qualified and the sales team found it much easier to start the conversation with them.”  The graphic below shows exactly this: once users completed the second question, the drop off rate decrease significantly, suggesting that leads were genuinely interested in receiving a quote for a kitchen.
Richard and his team were also able to successfully implement lookalike audiences based on the leads collected through the bot as a target audience for the next campaign. This meant future campaigns were better targeted towards an audience that were more likely to click on the ad and complete the bot funnel.
As a result, KitchenAdvisor shifted more and more budget towards their Messenger marketing strategy because the cost per lead with Messenger Bots was 40% cheaper than the cost per lead through Google Adwords. After receiving positive results, KitchenAdvisor redistributed their marketing budget to the following:

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